Our AirChairs are built to take heavy-duty use. These chairs are built with top grade materials and have been engineered for amazing strength and durability. They are so strong that if Goliath could fit in it, he could sit in it — with comfortable confidence!

Strong Nylon RopePolyethylene Tow Rope

Since all of our chairs are designed to hang from a single hook, we use the same super-strong, polyethylene rope the coast guard uses as water ski tow rope. It is rated to hold 2,200 pounds and is UV protected. That means the AirChair will take a "ton" (literally) of abuse and be no worse for the wear!

600 Denier Nylon Fabric600x600 Denier Nylon Fabric

The seat/hammock portion of the chair is constructed using two (2) layers of 600 x 600 Denier Nylon. This tight-weave, man-made marvel is the "steel" of the fabric industry and is used for the high-end backpacks that go up Mount Everest. It won't mold or mildew and it is fade resistant and machine washable. Several years of sun exposure may cause the color to fade a bit, but the fabric will not lose its strength or integrity.

This means that your AirChair will provide years of comfort and beauty whether you hang it inside or outside.

Acrylic-Sealed Hardwood DowelsNorthern White Ash Dowels

Many of our AirChair designs make use dowels to provide structure and support. All of these dowels are made of Northern White Ash. The remarkable hardwood is as strong as that used to make major-league baseball bats. They are resilient, super strong, and break-resistant. And... each one is sealed with an acrylic lacquer for maximum weather-resistance.

Hanging Book SackHanging Book Sack

The AirChair is so comfortable that you will probably spend long periods "just hangin' out." Therefore, you just may need a place to put your phone, your book, your magazine or similar items for hands free meditation (WARNING: Sitting in an AirChair for ANY length of time with your eyes closed may induce a state of unconsciousness). In any case, this book sack is better than an end table — it keeps these personal materials neat and close at hand.

Hanging Cup HolderHanging Cup Holder

But wait! Where are you supposed to place your Budweiser®, Coke®, or your thermal mug of coffee? Our hanging cup-holder is up to the job of keeping your favorite thirst-quencher within easy reach at all times... and nobody's going to accidentally kick, bump, or spill your libation — no matter how clumsy they may be.

Reclining FeaturePosition Adjustment Buckle

Just like a stuffed recliner, our AirChair will recline to the bow position (like a hammock) or all the way forward for reading. The height is also adjustable so you are not restricted to one position. This clever, easy-to-use, heavy-duty adjustment buckle allows you to "lock" your chair upright, in a full hammock recline or in any position in between.

Suspended FootrestSuspended Footrest

We don't want to leave your legs and feet dangling, so we include a suspended footrest. Frankly, there's no better way to "put your feet up" ... and you don't even need to take off your shoes (unless you want to). It attaches to the same hook or eyebolt as the AirChair itself and simply hangs in front of the AirChair, ready to provide maximum relaxation.

Neck CushionPositionable Neck Pillow

How about a pillow for your head/neck? Tie this tube of high-quality foam on the two dowels on each side so that it is positioned exactly where you want it. Ahhh! It doesn't get much better than this!

Carrying CaseNylon Storage/Carrying Case

Two of our chairs, The Original AirChair and the EZ-Hang, come with fabric carrying cases that feature a built in shoulder strap. Great for taking on your outdoor excursions.

To top it off, all our AirChair products are covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee.