Bobby Hanna is 'The AirChair Guy!'

The Hannas and the Original AirChair

Over 20 years ago, Bob Hanna learned of a suspended chair developed by a back surgeon that provided great support and comfort. Convinced that nearly everyone would enjoy and benefit from this therapeutic chair, he sought and acquired rights to manufacture and market the chair and the "The AirChair" was born.

Soon after completion of his first run of the AirChair, Bob loaded his van and began to sell them directly to consumers at home and recreational shows. Before long he had exhibits in home and recreational shows throughout the United States. Perhaps you have actually seen Bob or his daughter Rachel at one of the equine, home and garden, boat, wine festivals, or motorcycle events.

Since that time, Bob has added several different styles and colors to his collection including the EZ-Hang Chair, the Deluxe Lounger, the Delray Lounger, a Loveseat, the Deck Chair, and Rope Chairs. Each one is made with the same attention to quality and comfort.

Bob and Rachel still attend show throughout the country and would love to meet you in person. Check out their show schedule and plan a visit.

About 10 years ago, Bob decided to offer AirChairs on the internet and was created and launched to serve satisfied customers who wanted to buy another chair, or to their friends and family who didn't want to wait for a show in their area. Now folks all over the country buy their AirChairs from Perhaps you'll join them. You'll get the identical products, the same guarantee, and your order will be sent directly to you home -- free of charge! We hope to hear from you soon.