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AirChairStore guarantees any and all merchandise purchased from us to be as good or better than described. We also guarantee that your order will be delivered free of defect in workmanship and remain so for five (5) full years. If any of our products fails to meet your expectations during the first 90 days from date of delivery, we will give you your choice of a full refund or a replacement of the product. After the 90 days, we will replace any item that fails to satisfy you due to a defect in workmanship with a product of equal or greater value.

Sunlight, moisture, and significant variations in temperature have and adverse effect on wood, even wood protected by a quality sealer. That means you need to check the wooden components of any AirChair that you hang outside for significant periods of time. If you notice any deterioration in the wood's finish, you can extend the life of your AirChair significantly by resealing the wood with a quality outdoor sealer according to manufacturer's directions at the first sign of wear. Except for the possibility of slight color fading from the sun, the fabric portions of your AirChair are virtually imperious to the elements and should serve you for many years.

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